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Study of Psalms – Psalm 4

Psalm 4

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

I hope this email finds you doing well. We are now into our second month of sheltering-in-place. Even as we continue to maintain our social distancing, we are beginning to see signs of restrictions being eased. We look forward to a time when we can gather together in worship and bible study. As soon as that time becomes clearer, the elders and I will communicate with the congregation all that is necessary moving forward. For now, we pray and wait.

Today’s bible study on Psalm 4 should be useful to those who struggle getting to sleep because of worries and difficulties. This Psalm is for you! It is also for me as this is sometimes what happens to me. I would like to correct minor thing I said in the video. It was just a mistake of looking at the wrong number. I said that there are 18 psalms written for the “director of music”, when I meant to say 55. I realize now that I just looked down at the wrong number.

At any rate I pray that this time in God’s Word is useful to you.

In Christ’s name and service,

Pastor Robert Weller

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