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Study of Psalms – Psalm 8

Psalm 8

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

One of the things that we have been allowed to do through our time of sheltering-in-place has been to take walks and appreciate God’s creation. Those walks have been invaluable for many in keeping their sanity and letting them get out of the house. Yet a walk in creation can also fill us with awe at the amazing world that God has created. We praise Him for His creation, but we also are humbled because in all that you see He has made humanity the foremost of His creation.

Psalm 8 is a celebration and call to praise of our Creator, but also a reminder of His deep love for us; a love magnified by considering in all that He created we are utmost as demonstrated in His sending of His Son to die and rise for us. Psalm 8 is a call to praise Him whose name is majestic in all the earth.

In Christ’s name and service

Pastor Robert Weller

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