Study of the Psalms – Psalms 9-10 (Part II)

Psalm 9-10 (Part II)

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

We continue our study of the psalms and today we have the second half of the study on Psalms 9 and 10. The overall theme of the combined psalm is “the Lord is powerful for the poor and the afflicted”. The Lord is also powerful for us as we feel the uncertainty and frustration of this current pandemic and all that it entails, the Lord is powerful! He is greater than anything we face today. Two things to constantly have in your mind as you struggle with these times.

First, God loves you dearly. He demonstrated that when on Good Friday He sent His Son to die in your place. His love extended to you and cost Him dearly. Second, God is powerful! He raised Jesus from the dead and overcomes death thereby. Remember Good Friday and Easter as they teach us of God’s love and power. What greater comfort can we have than a God who is completely loving towards us and powerful enough to handle whatever happens in our lives.

In Christ’s name and service,

Pastor Robert Weller