Study of Psalms – Psalm 16

Psalm 16

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

We have arrived at Psalm 16 in our study. This study is especially useful in our current world environment. The uncertain future and the highlight of that uncertainty by the pandemic and racial unrest in our world sets the perfect backdrop for this psalm of trust in God and where God will set our “lot” and “inheritance”.  David may have composed this psalm while on the run from Saul in the Wilderness of Ziph. Whatever the historical background, it presents us with a call to trust and even be joyful, because no matter what the future holds God is with us!

Additionally, Psalm 16 is quoted by both Peter and Paul in the Book of Acts as a prophecy of the resurrection of Jesus. “The Holy one of God would not be abandoned to the grave nor would His body see decay.”

Psalm 16 foretells the resurrection of Christ and offers hope to us who await our own resurrection at the last!

In Christ’s name and service

Pastor Robert Weller