Study of the Psalms – Psalm 17

Psalm 17

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

We have reached Psalm 17 in our online bible study. What a wonderful time this has been to be in God’s Word. I am so grateful, that while the circumstances are strange that brought this about, we have had the opportunity to be in God’s Word so often. The Psalms are incredible at presenting a broad stroke across many aspects of faith and how that faith is impacted and applied by the lives we live.

Psalm 17 is a prayer to God from David who feels surrounded. He offers vindication of his own righteousness and then proceeds to petition God to act on his behalf. David’s request isn’t minor. He even asks God to act miraculously. We may at times feel surrounded by troubles. Not just in these last couple of months, but in our lives in many different ways. We are always waiting for “the other shoe to drop”. Psalm 17 provides language and focus for us to pray to God to act on our behalf. It concludes with the wonderful picture that no matter what may happen in this life, someday we will awake to God’s face in heaven.

In Christ’s name and service

Pastor Robert Weller