How to Become a Communicant Member
Of Shepherd of The Valley Lutheran Church


If you are a member of a Missouri Synod Congregation, you may transfer your membership to us. Please call the church office at (408) 997-4848 for assistance and an application form.

If you are a Lutheran of another Synod, Pastor Weller will help you gain your release so that you can join our parish.

If you have not been a Lutheran, Pastor Weller will inform you as to when the next Adult Information Class will be held. If, after attending the same, you desire communicant membership, confirmation will follow.

Baptism: We do not baptize people Lutheran, but Christian. We accept the baptism of all Christian churches that baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and do not re-baptize. If you have not been baptized, we will be happy to schedule baptism at your convenience. Please call the church office to make arrangements. Baptism is the first step toward membership which is followed by catecumal instruction and the affirmation of faith.

If you are not ready to join our parish, we would still be happy for you to worship with us. Please let us know how we may serve you and your family.