The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod has a set standard for the training of their pastors. They are required to have a bachelors degree before being admitted into one of our seminaries:

Future pastors begin their studies by completing two successful years (six quarters) of theological study. This makes them eligible to begin their vicarage or internship.

Vicarage takes place in one calendar year, usually beginning in August. The synod has prepared over 200 congregations, throughout the nation, to accept vicars. Throughout that year the local pastor trains the vicar in writing and preaching sermons, teaching, making sick calls, working with the youth, serving with parish boards, attending conferences, and in general exposing them to and preparing them for the work of the parish ministry.

When this year is successfully completed, the candidate returns to the Seminary for one more year (three quarters) of study. Then, upon graduation, he will receive a call into the ministry and assigned a congregation.

The following is a list of the vicars who have served Shepherd of the Valley. The first vicar served under Pastor Boye while the rest served under Pastor Shoemaker.

At SOTV Vicar
1980-1981 Mark Kastner
1984-1985 James J. Glaspie
1985-1986 Timothy Shoup
1986-1987 Joel Baseley
1987-1988 Clark H. Jahnke
1988-1989 Wade R. Meyer
1989-1990 David C. Weber
1990-1991 Steven Borst
1991-1992 Jeffery L Bundt
1992-1993 Jonathan Lange
1993-1994 Paul Stark
1994-1995 Bill Chu
1995-1996 Thomas Vanderbilt
1996-1997 Kevin Tiaden
1997-1998 Frederick Hoover
1998-1999 Brian Hopfensperger
1999-2000 Patrick Poock


We dearly love all the vicars who served at Shepherd of the Valley. It is our hope that we will be able to resume this program in the future.