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Study of Psalms – Psalm 19

Psalm 19

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

I pray you are well. I want to encourage you to keep praying for our leaders through this difficult time. I spend a couple of minutes at the beginning of today’s lesson talking about loving our leaders even when they do things that make it difficult for us as Christians. I also want to commend to your viewing a movie I reference called “Tortured for Christ”. It is available on Amazon Prime. It is about a Romanian Lutheran pastor who suddenly finds his faith and calling illegal in Russian occupied Romania following WWII. His response was to love the Russians and to bring and model Christ to them.

Psalm 19 talks about how we know God. The first half of the psalm talks about how creation itself demonstrates God and the second half focuses upon how God’s Word tells us of Him and His will for us. I pray these studies continue to bear the fruit of faith and reliance upon Him who can bring us through these difficult times.

Pastor Robert Weller

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